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Indoor DIY Enrichment/Brain Games For Your Dog

Young pomeranian, searching through a fun, toy & cardboard filled kiddle pool for hidden treats.

Need fun, mental enrichment ideas for your dog?

Here’s a little secret most dog trainers don’t know:

Nearly all dog training issues (or at the very least the common majority of them) can be prevented with mental enrichment. Unwanted habits and behaviours can also be much more easily managed when you make use of daily brain exercises.

Practice these with your supervision so that you can be part of the fun, help your dog as needed and ensure all remains safe. If your dog is more interested in chewing, and destroying, switch to a more physical game, before trying again.

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Take a brown paper bag and place inside it some of your dog's favourite treats (small pieces) and/or their kibble. Fold it as much as possible before giving it to your dog for him to snuffle or shred the bag to get to each piece!

Need a little bit of dog training support?

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