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Cat Bells.. But.. On Dogs?? 🐶🐱

The dog and cat world unites! A lot of you know how big I am on preventing unwanted behaviours, as opposed to only reacting/managing them. And I'm a big believer that cat bells are great at helping us do exactly that.

Let's take a quick look at just how cat bells can improve you and your dog's relationship (that's right!), and what more they can do for you.

Cat bells are no longer only great for cats to wear, in order to give birds a heads up when they get too close. They're also great for dogs and puppies to wear on their collar, to give us our own kind of heads-up!

A cat bell on your dog's collar can help with:

✔️ Knowing when your puppy is waking up

✔️ Providing enrichment to your dog sooner than later

✔️ Preventing sudden potty training accidents

✔️ Safety, especially for small dogs to be noticed indoors

There's nothing better for a pup than feeling like his/her needs are met before they even ask for it! A cat bell is a great tool that you can use that lets you know when your puppy is waking up or getting up from their bed, which can then help you prevent unknown potty training accidents or a pup that's getting bored.

Why and when cat bells are helpful for dogs to wear:

Puppies and new pet parents will benefit from cat bells the most! Think of them as acting just like a baby monitor, with a newborn. Except that you don't have to wait for your puppy to cry to take action, rather, thanks to the sound of the bells, you will know just what to do. They'll let you know if your puppy is potentially waking up, and or stepping out of his or her sleeping area. In this case, it's probably a good idea to head over and take them out for a bathroom break or guide them onto their pee pads.

The amazing thing with this is that your puppy will from very early on realize that he didn't need to lift a paw, to make his needs known and met!


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