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Product Review: Freedom (No-Pull) Harnesses

✔️ Safer to use for walking than any collar

✔️ Doesn't provide corrections/punishment

✔️ More easily redirects a dog's movements

Likely the best and safest dog-walking tool available. The misconception of harnesses is that they increase pulling. Harnesses, like any other tool, will not address, prevent or fix an unwanted behaviour without the support of proper dog training, patience, positive reinforcement and understanding your dog's limits.

Freedom (No-Pull) Harnesses come with two clips, and the front one is the one you can rely on to most easily guide your dog to help redirect them when you think they may be pulling. The harness does this by guiding your dog's chest toward the direction in which you are walking. Or toward the opposite direction in which your dog is pulling. For heavy pullers, you can use a second leash or a double-clip leash, to use both the front and back clips for added support and safety.

The ultimate goal of this harness is to act as nothing more than a safety tool. No different than wearing a seatbelt when driving. Ultimately what's going to ensure that you and your dog are both enjyoing your time together when walking is proper training and first practicing walking in ideal setups is what will ultimately help you find success with these harnesses. Definitely recommend! 10/10


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