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Get Your Dog a Harness for This 1 Reason Above All

If you don’t get a harness for any other reason, get it for this 1 reason:

You have probably heard many different opinions on dogs wearing harnesses vs other training tools. Above all, the claim that harnesses encourage pulling, which is untrue if you ask me. Flat collars, no collars, harness, no harness, no matter what option you go with, you'll want to make sure to combine it with proper training.

That said, if you put training aside, there’s one aspect of wearing a harness that is the most important attribute and a priority, which is your dog’s safety! A non-negotiable.

Dogs can slip out of collars and/or they can snap, wear off and give up with time. I’ve experienced or seen all of these instances as a dog trainer. Harnesses, and the Freedom (No-Pull) Harness, in particular, is one that I’ve not experienced safety concerns with yet. Especially since it comes with clips both on the front and back, to suit your dog’s walking needs.

What harness do you use? I like this one.


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