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Product Review: Kongs

✔️ Uses a little bit of energy remaining energy

✔️ Relaxes/soothes an overexcited/tired dog

✔️ Encourages time alone

Kongs are the closest thing dogs have to a baby pacifier.

The best time to provide a puppy or dog with a frozen/stuffed kong is when they're tired from physically and mentally stimulating activities.

A Kong may provide a bit of a fun challenge to a very young puppy, but it won't do the job of a puzzle or snuffle mat, or an even more mentally engaging activity you can do with your dog (this is a common misconception with most pet parents). And so Kongs are most useful when used to help your dog relax when he has little energy left, by licking, gnawing, and chewing on it.

Have a few stuffed and frozen in your freezer on rotation so you're never caught unprepared!

You can freeze your dog's kibble, apple or banana puree and more (double check with your vet.). Recommended 10/10

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