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Product Review: Activity Matz Garden Game

✔️ Healthiest alternative to a dog bowl

✔️ Relaxes and overexcited/tired dog's mind

✔️ Slows down eating in an engaging way

This food snuffle mat is 100% a must-have! regardless of your dog's age, breed, or personality.

A snuffle mat like this one can easily replace your dog's bowl (and I recommend you do) as a more engaging way for your dog to search and find his food by snuffling for each piece.

Snuffling and scavenging-like exercises are natural for dogs and other animals, and incredibly beneficial. Through snuffling and using their nose, dogs also get to slow down their brain and effectively regulate their own emotions. Young dogs and puppies benefit from this highly, as it's normal for them to feel easily excited about the world around them and are not yet equipped with the means to easily regulate their own feelings. This is where snuffle mats come in super handy!

Most snuffle mats are machine washable but this one, in particular, should be okay with being hand-washed, except perhaps the toys it comes with. You can also use your dog's other toys, not only the ones it comes with. Just like other snuffle mats, this one is really easy to transport as it also comes with a hook & loop closure to keep it neatly closed and put away. You can bring it to places where your dog could use some help winding down and settling, by snuffling. This is one of the biggest and most convenient advantages of snuffle mats over food puzzles.

3 ways your dog could play with it.

1. Easy challenge: Hide treats or dry food under plush material & encourage your dog to sniff them out.

2. Increased challenge: Hide treats in pockets and cover them with the toys.

3. Ultimate challenge: Hide treats in 5 treat pockets & secure them with hook & loop closure and hide treats with toys for a harder challenge.

Make sure to supervise its usage. If your dog starts chewing it or throwing it around, it may be best to switch to a more physically stimulating game at that time, before trying again. Strongly recommend! 10/10


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