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Product Review: Rope Toys

✔️ Helps burn physical energy

✔️ Strengthens your bond with your dog

✔️ Provides different textures to chew on

Strengthen your bond with your dog by playing tug-and-pull-like games using these rope toys!

Physical games don't encourage aggression or any unwanted behaviour. These types of games are normal and common for dogs, as they help strengthen your trust and comfort with each other while ensuring your dog gets to scratch their need to play using their entire body.

Games like these only become a problem when puppies or dogs don't know when/how to end and relax. Help them do just that by providing them with a snuffle mat and a frozen Kong once you can tell that they're feeling tired before they start feeling overtired (which is where they can get more nippy and rough). Please do make sure that you keep in mind your dog's play style, especially while they're really young, so as to not scare or overwhelm them. While their adult teeth aren't grown in yet, please make sure you opt for rope toys that aren't too hard, similar to how Kongs come in different levels depending on your puppy's age.

Recommended! 9.8/10


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