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How do I Teach My Dog Not to Jump on People at the Door

1. Physically and mentally tire your dog before someone's visit.

2. Put your dog's leash on him and tie him to your waist.

3. Once the doorbell rings, walk towards the door.

4. If your dog gets excited before opening the door, walk away together and engage your dog with other things to do like little games.

5. No need to ask him or tell him to follow you just yet, just walk and move forward.

6. Go back to the door and repeat until his interaction with the door is calmer than initially.

7. Open the door to reward your dog's calmness and have your guest not talk, touch or look at him.

8. If your dog jumps, have your guest use his leg to gently but firmly ask your dog to back away.

9. Once your dog is relaxed again, both you and your guest invite your dog to join your interaction.


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