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This Is My Favourite Training Tool to Improve Your Dog’s Walking

There are so many options available to help you walk your dog and better your dog's leash-walking skills. However very few compare to the following one, and I'm not referring to training, but rather safety.

I believe in a few different types of leashes such as long lines, and sometimes retractable leashes, but this leash is by far the #1 leash I recommend, whether you have a heavy puller or a great dog walker.

Let me tell you why! There are two elements that make this leash reliable: 1. The secondary handle it comes with iwill make it so you can very quickly and comfortably gain control of a situation. This handle is great for when you're walking close to traffic and cars, or there are other dogs around and you'd like to be able to easily guide your dog away safely.

2. The clip near the main handle can be used to clip the leash to your waist and/or your dog's poop bags. Clipping your leash to your waist can be a backup safety option (use with caution with heavy pullers), especially in a crowded or busy area where the leash could accidentally slip from your hands. But it's also a super convenient option that makes it so you can practice leash walking and training exercises, keeping your hands free to treat your dog and guide them as you need. Couple this leash with this walking harness and you will feel amazingly comfortable knowing that your dog's safety is always top on your priority list! Check it out!


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