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Treats Aren’t the Solution, Your Bond Is

When it comes to getting your dog to listen to you, you are far more likely to reach success if you've built a strong bond together.

I oftentimes see pet parents trying to rely on treats to get their dogs to do things, but I believe that treats should be used the same way gold star stickers are used in school with toddlers.

They know it's there, they know how to get it, you simply need to give them the sticker after they've done what you expect. ✨ It's as simple as that.

However if you try to get your dog to make a good choice that they should already be able to, by waving a treat by their nose, you are more likely to always have to rely on treats, as opposed to your bond and your dog's desire to follow your guidance, without treats.

But what happens when your dog really won't listen, even without treats? This means 1 of 2 things (or oftentimes both). Either your bond and relationship with your dog is simply not strong enough yet. Think about it, do you listen to the guidance of strangers or that of your friends more?

Grow your bond through enrichment activities, to stimulate your dog's need to use their body, their mind and social skills in fun and engaging ways.

And/or, chances are the environment where you are asking them to listen is simply too distracting/overwhelming/challenging for you both. In which case, your best bet is to walk away, take space and try redirecting your dog once you feel the setting is a little bit easier on you both.

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