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(Quick Answer) When Should I Take My Dog to Dog Parks?

There's no rush! Especially if you have a young dog that isn't up to date on their shots yet. If that's your only option for socialization, make sure you start slowly and at your dog's pace. Prior to attending a dog park, make sure your dog has a good recall and has practiced getting to meet different types of dogs (not just size & breeds but play styles and demeanours) in more controlled environments. This will better prepare both you and your dog for this type of unregulated environment. Something else you can do and that I strongly recommend, is to take your dog around the dog park (especially when young) and just walk around it, past dogs and people. Your dog will still get to smell, see and hear everything going on at the park. But what will happen is your dog will learn that even though all of that is happening, what's important is that he/she walks and give you their attention, no matter what. This will build mutual trust and you can from then on get closer and closer to the park.


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