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Quick Dog Training Tips & Hacks

Browse the following dog training tips and hacks that I put to use daily, to get not only the most out of training dogs, but also my relationship with them!

Dog Pulling 101

If your dog pulls as soon as you step outside of your home together, pretend like you forgot your phone and head out.. before pretending like you forgot your keys.. and your wallet.. and so on. Until you start seeing that your dog starts focusing more on how forgetful you are as opposed to walking, in which case you can start rewarding and repeating as needed. A harness will make this the easiest.

Boredom is Okay

If you're walking your dog regularly, and they have access to different physical, mental and socialization outlets, you should then try giving your dog opportunities to just be, and do nothing, especially while people-watching. To do this, take your dog close to a dog park, and from a distance just sit, watch and wait for your dog to settle and praise if it's something that's challenging for them. Otherwise, just practice enjoying being there together, watching others!

Manageable Prey Drive

Bring a flirt pole with you on walks, not only to help burn extra physical energy and get more out of your walks, but also to help prevent your dog's need to chase and run after squirrels or birds while on walks.

Neutral Grounds is Safer

Is another dog coming over for a playdate? If you're not sure how both dogs will feel when meeting, or if they get overly excited, start with meeting outside and going for a walk first. They'll still be excited on walk, but using a harness you should be able to help them walk away from each other before coming back together as they calm down, before heading indoors.

Tasty Crate Socialization

Fill and freeze your dog's Kong with their favourite treats and wedge it between the bars of your dog's crate so that your dog has to go inside to lick it (but don't recommend closing the crate if just starting training) and spend time with.

The Special Toy

Keep aside a special toy that only comes out for your dog to play with when he's doing something special (or that he doesn't do very often) like lay down on his bed or inside his crate.
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