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This 5-day challenge will strengthen your relationship with your dog 

After working with any family and their pooch, one challenge I’ll often share (depending on the dog) is my 5-day no verbal/commands challenge.

Pet parents and me standing at a dog park, with their dog.

It’s pretty simple! Pick one week, where from Monday to Friday you will practice communicating with your dog using only your body language.

Avoid using words and instead try using your body, your hands, your touch, and even your facial expressions (yes, dogs can read them very well!) to communicate with your dog.

This is a great challenge to do around dogs of any age, and the biggest advantage you’ll gain is that you will more than ever how your dog communicates primarily through body language. 

You can even turn this into a fun family game if you add fun rewards to the family member who can last the five days, or fun little punishments when someone speaks to the dog.

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