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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dog's Toys

There's really no need to constantly buy new dog toys when you know just how to make the most of the ones you have!

Let's get to it: 1. Rotate your dog’s toys by keeping them stored away, keeping only 1 or 2 out and available for your dog. This will help keep your dog's toys interesting and avoid having to constantly buy new ones. Bringing out a toy from where they’re stored will also help get your dog’s attention as needed.

2. The toys that have little crevices and crannies like tug-and-pull toys can be used to hide kibble and treats inside of them, turning them into a mentally stimulating exercise as well.

3. Bring one or two toys with you out on your walks. There are so many distracting things going on during walks that a toy can help redirect your dog’s focus as well as give them an outlet should they ever feel tired, frustrated, or just in need of a fun break.

4. Have 2-3 Kongs lined up in the freezer, all with different flavours so you can take one out when it’s time for your puppy or dog to relax, take a break, and soothe as they lick and chew it.

5. Jam a small-sized toy or Kong through the bars of your dog’s crate and lightly line it with the flavour of a tasty treat or healthy peanut butter option. This will incentivize them to go inside their crate (do not close the door though) and spend time there in an enjoyable way.


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