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Cheatsheet: Fun Enrichment Activities

Have you considered the following enrichment activities with your dog?

✅ Agility training classes

✅ Scent detection-like exercises

✅ Snuffle/puzzle boxes

✅ Scavenging and searching for treats on walks

✅ Digging boxes (literally just kiddie pools with towels, toys and treats tossed in there)

✅ Meeting new dogs every 2-3 days

✅ Going to new parks and hiding snacks 1-2 times a week

✅ Bringing a different toy (keep them on rotation) or tug-and-pull toy on walks

✅ Using a flirt pole on walks or before walks

✅ Hiding your dog’s toys around the house

✅ Giving your fig cardboard boxes to snuffle through and shred

✅ Setting up obstacles

✅ Clipping your dog to your waist, buying them a dog backpack and have them carry the clothes pins and socks as they join you for laundry and cleaning chores

✅ Tricks and Games classes in your area

✅ Walking with your fog clipped to your waist inside and rewarding the more they do it calmly and slowly adding distractions like opening the door slightly

✅ Rewarding anytime your dog chooses to lay down on their bed or anywhere at all without any verbal cues from you

(DIY ideas you can do at home are available on YouTube for most of these options, and also here.)


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