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Helping Your Dog Relax During Dinner Time

Does your dog have a tough time remaining calm and relaxed when it’s human dinner time?

Helping Lilibet to remain calm during dinner time.

Try this:

1️⃣ Make sure that your dog has had plenty of proper physical, mental and social enrichment exercises prior to dinner time. This will help them feel more mellow and thus be able to remain at ease more easily.

2️⃣ If needed, use a leash to make it so your dog can’t get too close to you (especially if they tend to jump) and your food. Though tethering can help, depending on how difficult this is for your dog, one family member may need to walk with your dog inside your home to help redirect them away from the others while they eat.

3️⃣ The moment your dog starts showing you signs of relaxation on their own (which is far more fruitful if done without verbal cues from you), be sure to repeatedly reinforce these choices with their food, treats or even toys.

It’s also important to note that if you don’t provide your dog with human food near the table, they’re far more likely to give you space and time when you’re eating.


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