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How Can I Quickly Tire My Dog Daily?

Let's go over three ways I recommend you practice regularly with your dog to help him or her feel more mellow, relaxed, and tired! 1. Provide physical stimulation by playing fetch, using a flirt pole, tugging and pulling, and even digging. These physical outlets provide activities that will feel pretty natural to most dogs. You can use the flirt pole both indoors or outdoors, to help encourage your dog to direct any prey drive towards it (probably the fastest way to get your dog to focus their energy on you). Just make sure that you keep that game, in particular, short in duration, as dogs can easily overexert themselves and not know how to take a break from it on their own. But it's definitely a game you can try incorporating into your walks to get even more out of them, depending on your dog's comfort level.

White dog snuffling cardboard box for treats

Tugging and pulling are also fantastic ways to engage with your dog more, especially on walks, and have them burn even more physical energy quickly, in a fun way. Lastly digging - if your dog loves to dig, there is no harm in taking them to a park or area where there's sad and your dog can dig to his heart's content! Even better if you try hiding a toy of theirs in the sand, for some extra searching fun. Your dog will be sure to go back home tired. 2. Provide mental stimulation through problem-solving exercises like puzzles, snuffle mats, and busy boxes. It's easy to create games and activities where your dog gets to use their nose and mind to figure out how to get to each piece of their treats or even their kibble! Doing so through problem-solving games like puzzles and snuffle mats, and even better busy boxes (DIY cardboard boxes where you hide within it other smaller boxes, empty toilet roll papers, towels, and toys) for your dog to have to search through and get to each delicious treat! 3. Try 1 and 2 on your walks! Yes, bring the flirt pole, the snuffle mats, the toys, balls, and any other toys you have with you that'll be sure to transform your walk into the most engaging and stimulating activity. Follow that with some additional mental stimulation outlets once you're back from your walk for your dog to continue having fun with, to ensure that you're left with a happy, tired pooch!


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