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Quick Reaction: Amazon's Bestselling Dog Toy

Exploring the Hype Around Amazon's Bestselling Dog Toy

The following is currently Amazon's #1 best-selling dog toy: the Chuckit! ball (pack of 2). I'm quite happy about that! This lets me know that fun and physical exercises are a priority for a lot of pet parents and people in the industry.

The best part about this

I'm a big fan of the Chuckit! brand as a whole. There's really nothing better than going out to an open field, whipping out their launcher, loading it with a ball and throwing it for your eager pooch to run and fetch. If your dog isn't the best or most interested in fetching like a pro or consistent with bringing the ball each time, you can load up and launch a second ball for them to run after. The fun doesn't end there, however. Especially if the weather is limiting you and your dog a bit, you can have a lot of fun indoors with the Chuckit! ball by playing fetch inside, but even better, by combining it with puzzle-like games. For example, an easy game you can use this ball for is by bringing out a muffin baking pan and putting different treats in some of the cups but covering all of it with balls, for your dog to have to use their nose.

How to not use this toy

As I would advise with most balls, it's best to keep them stored away, for best use. Keeping your dog's balls away and not constantly available will help prevent any destructive chewing, which could be dangerous for your dog if they eat it, and of course not ideal if you'd like to avoid having to purchase another. But also, by storing the ball away and bringing it out when it's time to play, you have a better chance at ensuring that your dog will feel as interested and engaged in the game as possible, with you.

What are your thoughts on this item?

  • We love it! Use it as often as possible.

  • Haven't yet tried it with my dog, but we definitely will!

  • Tried it and it just wasn't a good fit for my dog and I.


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