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Should I Get My Dog an iFetch Frenzy?

The iFetch Frenzy is a dog toy that does a lot of the leg work (or arm work in this case) for you!

The iFetch is an automatic ball launcher that you can set up and teach your dog to use so that he/she has easy, ongoing access to a fun game of fetch.

Highly energetic dogs can definitely benefit from and enjoy this additional outlet for their physical stimulation (and mental, in the early days of this toy as they figure out just how it works).

As someone who has used this toy and works with a large number of dogs who have additional energy they’d love to burn, I do recommend this toy.

However.. just like with any, engaging dog toy (or any type of highly engaging activity), there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when using it.

1. Preventing an obsession. Dogs, especially young ones can easily form an obsession with this type of toy if it’s one they can access at any time, particularly when they’re already feeling very energized and excited. Therefore it’s important that your dog is at all times well socialized with this toy, in a way where he/she gets to interact with it in different ways.

Such as by eating food around it (snuffling, using their nose) and resting close to it. Doing so will prevent an obsession with the toy and the excitement it can bring. Toys can and should also be associated with relaxation and calmness. That way your dog has a few different ways of being and feeling around it, to prevent an obsession.

2. It doesn’t replace time with you. Activities and time with your are more important than anything else in your dog’s life, and although an automated toy like the iFetch can buy you a bit of time when you’re busy, it will never be as good and as fruitful and time and other enrichment activities that you can do together.

You want to make sure that any activity similar to this one is only a small part of the games and things you do together, as this can also help prevent any kind of obsession and further strengthen your bond around toys, people, and other environments.

3. It doesn’t meet all of your dog’s physical needs. The game of fetch in general is really only one of the few types of exercises you should be doing with your dog. Walking, jogging, running, chasing, tugging, crawling, jumping and many other types of activities are key when raising a dog.

So make sure that if you love playing fetch with your dog and are considering getting an iFetch, you’ve got all the other areas, and more, covered!


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