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My Top 3 Favourite Dog Food Puzzles

My Top 3 Dog Food Puzzles From Amazon

Food puzzles are probably one of the best toys available for dogs. Especially when it comes to feeding time! So let's throw out the food bowl and take a look at this quick list of my top 3 favourite food puzzles that you can find today on Amazon.

This is by far my all-time favourite puzzle! It's also one of the most difficult ones. But I have a secret tip to share with you when it comes to puzzles.. the harder they are the better! Not only because they can be super engaging for your dog, but mainly because if a puzzle is difficult, you can get creative in how you choose to make it easier. As opposed to a puzzle that is already too easy, forcing you to get even more creative to make it more difficult.

This one can sometimes feel (to your dog) even more difficult than the Dog Twister because it requires that your dog figures out exactly how to pull out the drawers AFTER having unlocked the corresponding bone. You may need to start off slowly, to help your dog with this one as you go along in order to ensure that they don't feel discouraged and frustrated.

Probably the easiest one on this list, but the most diverse! What I enjoy the most about this particular food puzzle is its versatility and how your dog can enjoy it in different ways. It's one you can fit inside the freezer with its pieces containing frozen treats inside of them. Your dog will then need to move its different pieces around to find where you hid each treat, and spend some extra time licking the frozen ones!

Which one does your dog enjoy the most?

  • The Dog Twister Puzzle

  • The Dog Casino Puzzle

  • The Dog Brick Puzzle


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