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Product Review: Tricky Treat Ball

Product Review: Tricky Treat Ball

Tricky Treat balls are amazing! In many ways, it's like a 3 in 1 toy. Let's take a closer look at just that!

Why I recommend it

I've relied on no other food-dispensing toy nearly as much as this one! It does the job of a few different toys. You can throw it, hide your dog's kibble or treats inside it so that he has to nudge it around or stuff it with some yogurt/peanut butter to turn it into a Kong-like toy.

Either way you decide to use it, your dog is sure to have a blast and keep busy for a good little while.

When you should use it

Like with most enrichment/problem-solving toys, this one is perfect to use either to provide your dog with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack. I should mention that this toy is not meant to be used as a chewing toy as it's not as durable as other options. So make sure that you don't provide it to your dog if they have a lot of physical energy to burn

"Simply insert your dog’s favorite dry food or treats into the ball. As your dog plays with the Tricky Treat™ ball, it will dispense treats keeping your dog focused and entertained." –

How this food puzzle works

It doesn't get any simpler, and that's what I love about this toy, with how quick and easy it is to set up! Grab some of your dog's favourite treats or their kibble, drop it inside and for some extra fun you can hide it inside an old towel. Just make sure that you're supervising your dog's play so that if he starts destroying it or feeling frustrated, you can help him out!

Which type of food should I use?

Dry food will be your main option with this food dispenser. However, when you're ready to use it more like a Kong-like toy, you can stuff it with a bit of peanut butter or an apple/banana puree to make it so the dry food sticks to the inside a bit more, making it so your dog has to work a little harder to get each piece out.


This tricky treat ball:

✔️ Prevents fast eating

✔️ Burns mental energy while feeding

✔️ Encourages your dog or pup to focus This was one of my first dog's favourite toys and the very first that I liked to bring with us wherever we went. You can put their kibble or treats inside and they can spend time pushing and rolling the ball as each piece slowly comes out. This is not meant to act as a chew toy, and because of that, it's best to use it under your supervision.

Should your dog start to heavily chew it, swap it out for a kong (as it means they're probably feeling tired) or switch to a more physically stimulating game first, before trying again. Recommended 9.5/10 Have you gotten the Brick Food Puzzle already? Click on the image above to find it on Amazon.

Have you tried this item?

  • Not yet.

  • Yes, and we use it occasionally.

  • Yes, and we use it often!

  • Yes but we no longer use it.

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